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"Our Community"

As participants in the life of God who is love and who is the mystical exmplar of personal relations, the Brothers are brought together in Christ's name. They delight in his presence as this unity is strengthened by his prayer to the Father: "May they be one in us". (Constitutions, # 34)

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Each fraternity strives to become an evangelical community, witnessing to the already present Kingdom, where charity breaks down barriers, reconciles all men, sons of the same Father and brothers of Jesus Christ, who calls them together in one body. (Constitutions, # 35)

Brothers_2003 (58K) The Brothers' religious consecration creates a closer intimacy with the Lord present in the midst of the community. Chastity amplifies the capacity to love, while religious poverty makes one share his temporal goods, place his talents in the service of others, and submit to the universal law of work. Obedience involves dependence on others and community discernment of God's will. (Directory, # 62)

Prayer Life

"As religious in the service of the Church, the Brothers are, by vocation, men of prayer." (Constitutions, # 42)

Each day, if at all possible, the Brothers participate in the Eucharistic celebration, during which they love to receive the Sacred Body of Christ.

WalshMass (61K) Walsh01_2003_028 (56K) Twice a day, the community assembles for prayer: in the morning, for Lauds and a thirty-minute meditation, and in the evening, for a half-hour, for Vespers, the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and personal examen. (Constitutions, # 43)

The Brothers love to give daily expression to the veneration of the Virgin Mary, especially through the meditated recitation of the Rosary, a traditional prayer in the Congregation. (Constitutions, #44)

Walsh01_2003_121 (51K) The Brothers set aside a minimum of two hours each week for spiritual reading, especially of the Scriptures. (Constitutions, # 45)

For the conversion of their hearts to God, the Brothers frequently receive the sacrament of reconciliation, prepared by a daily examination of conscience. (Constitutions, # 46)

Periodically, communities avail themselves of quiet periods to renew themselves in their calling. Each community organizes its recollections to norms set by regional or provincial authorities.

Each year the Brothers make a six-day spritiual retreat. (Constitutions, # 47)

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