Mission Statement

We, the members of Notre Dame Province
of the Brothers of Christian Instruction,
called by God, the Creator,
captivated by the person of Jesus,
enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and
inspired by the example of our Founders,

coat-of-arms2 (57K)

Challenge ourselves to a prophetic witness
by questing for God alone in our daily endeavors
by living faithfully our vowed commitment,
by accepting a simple lifestyle
which fosters reverence for the Earth, and
by associating ourselves more intimately
to Jesus' work of salvation.

Walsh (57K)

As participants in the life of God who is love,
we challenge ourselves
to become an evangelical community
by willingly sharing who we are
what we are, what we have and
by carefully discerning that our lives
and our ministry bespeak justice.

Prayer (61K)

In response to the needs of the Church,
each of us, regardless of age or health,
shares in our common mission
of evangelization and catechesis,
of human and Christian education,
with special consideration
for the poor and the marginalized
both at home and abroad.

Education (74K)

In accordance to our Rule of Life
in the spirit of our co-founders,
Jean Mary de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes,
in imitation of Mary, our Mother and Patroness,
we pledge to strive above all else
to proclaim Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

Jerome (52K)

August 21, 1990

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